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Ronnie Carrier, a Portland-based folk-rock artist, melds haunting vocals and Lewis Carroll-inspired lyrics, sculpting a musical world that delves deep into life’s complexities. Her extensive repertoire spans albums, EPs, and performances at revered festivals like NW Folklife and Tumbleweed Music Fest, solidifying her impact in the music scene.

Beyond her musical pursuits, Ronnie actively engages with her community in non-profit arts spaces, offers diverse writing services, and crafts introspective instrumental music as  short4veronica. Her gift for storytelling through music resonates in every haunting note, leaving a lasting impact on her captivated audience.

Ronnie's musical journey began at an early age, performing in front of audiences through youth church bands and participating in award-winning choral ensembles from elementary school to college. These early experiences have deeply influenced and interwoven themselves into her original compositions.

Her crystal-clear choral voice shines in anthemic tracks like “Wrong Turn and the Mad Sun” and “Entitled,” showcasing the effortless energy behind her vocals. Meanwhile, more tender songs like “Tiny Song” and “The Sound” highlight her sensitive, dynamic range, demonstrating the depth and emotion woven into her music. Ronnie Carrier's repertoire reflects a blend of influences from her past, creating a compelling and multifaceted musical narrative for her audience to explore and embrace.

Ronnie’s songs intertwine proverbial narratives, drawing from supernatural stories, familiar folklore and biblical tales, and world literature. Themes of good versus evil, pacts with the devil, and the allure of forbidden fruit resonate in tracks like “Dusk Walk” and “Reap What You Sow.” Lyrics in “Still” and “Darling Departed” echo T.S. Eliot and Shirley Jackson, while “Spider” and “The Stranger” offer twisted versions of well-known nursery rhymes.

Between 2020 and 2022, Ronnie co-produced and hosted "Local Roots Music NW," a syndicated FM radio show featuring music from the Pacific Northwest.

In 2024, Ronnie will release an EP with 4 brand new songs. She is also currently crafting introspective instrumental focus music, perfect for activities like reading and studying, under the alias short4veronica.

Ronnie’s stage presence exudes warmth and humor, showcasing her versatile talent. Her music, appealing to a broad audience, reflects her diverse skills. She is an expert at the mouth trumpet.

Beyond music, Ronnie also enjoys reading, practicing yoga, and exploring nature, especially beaches or warm waters. Most importantly, loves spending time with friends, family, and her adorable cat Clementine.

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