Ronnie Carrier

"Sweet, heartfelt lyrics and a nice verse melody." - SongDoor on "Tiny Song"

"We love the vibe of this. We were all seat-dancing. – it sets a great mood. Nicely done." SongDoor on "Reap What You Sow"

"Ronnie Carrier & The Day Terrors would cure your night terrors in a heartbeat. Full of juicy soulful lyrics that are rooted in indie pop but backed with jazzy drums and bass and a smooth but soulful lead guitar behind the rhythms of Carrier’s melodies."


"hauntingly beautiful . . . enchanting"- Portland Radio Project

"foot stompin’ . . . filled with literary depths"- Spinning Platters

Once described as Sarah McLachlan meets Nirvana, Portland-based songwriter Ronnie Carrier is known for her voice of humble power and genre-crossing songs. With music drawing influences from pop to choral to blues to country and beyond, she’s released two albums, an EP, and several singles. She’s toured festivals and venues, taught music to kids, hosted monthly music showcases, appeared on television and radio, and is currently a producer for Local Roots Music NW.

Ronnie began performing in front of audiences at an early age, singing and playing guitar in several youth church bands, as well as performing in both large and small award winning choral ensembles from elementary school all the way through college. The influences from these early performances have transcended through the years and woven themselves into her original music. 

Her crystal-clear choral voice in anthemic songs like “Wrong Turn and the Mad Sun” and “Entitled.” showcase the seemingly effortless energy behind her voice. More tender songs like “Tiny Song” and “The Sound” showcase her sensitive, dynamic range.

 Ronnie’s songs follow proverbial narratives with allusions to familiar biblical tales, supernatural stories, folklore, and world literature. Clashes of good and evil, deals with the devil, and taking bites of forbidden fruit can be heard in songs like “Dusk Walk” and “Reap What You Sow.” Literary lyrics in songs “Still” and “Darling Departed” echo words from T.S. Eliot and Shirley Jackson, while “Spider” and “The Stranger” are twisted takes on well-known nursery rhymes. 
Currently, she is working on instrumental focus-music to accompany tasks like reading and studying. She also co-produces and hosts the radio show, Local Roots Music NW, which is a syndicated FM radio show airing music from around the Pacific Northwest. The show also produces a television series, hosts music festivals, songwriting contests, and monthly showcases.
With a warm stage presence and a touch of humor, Ronnie’s talent shines through her performances and her music has something for everyone. Last, but not least, Ronnie Carrier is an expert at the mouth trumpet.


“The Story Goes . . .”

Her solo career evolved when she relocated to San Francisco in 2009. She spent her days studying English Literature and working at the campus bookstore at SF State and her nights performing in the city and throughout the Bay Area. After graduation, she spent several summers teaching music recording to kids at Steve & Kate’s Camp. She also continued her bookselling career at the historic Green Apple Books. Among many other contributions, she curated a local music listening station and hosted open mics and music events in the Fiction and Music Annex of Green Apple.


Her debut EP “The Story Goes . . .” was recorded at Coyote Hearing Studies (Oakland, CA) in 2015. The stripped down, acoustic 3-song EP gave listeners a glimpse at Ronnie’s compelling musical capabilities. 


“Lost in the Eclectic”


Shortly after her EP’s release, Ronnie continued Northward to Portland, Oregon. Upon arrival, she was immediately swept up in the city's vibrant music scene. While playing gigs around the Portland area, Ronnie focused on completing her first full length album, a concept album called “Lost in the Eclectic'' (2017). Following its release, Ronnie began making appearances at festivals, television shows, and toured up and down the West Coast. She also hosted the Driftin' Inn showcase at McMenamin's White Eagle from 2017 – 2020 (this show has been postponed till further notice due to the Covid-19 pandemic).

“Are You Listening?” and more

In early 2020, after collecting many recordings of memorable live performances during the years following the release of “Lost in the Eclectic,” Ronnie released her live album “Are You Listening? Live and More” which also includes solo, trio, and full band renditions of Ronnie Carrier favorites as well as an exclusive studio recording of her song “Earworm.” 

While navigating the unusual circumstances of the pandemic, Ronnie was able to perform at a handful of safely distanced outdoor venues during the year 2020. Grateful for the opportunity to offer reprieve in the form of live music, Ronnie has continued to hone in on live performances to create a musical space fit for all audiences.
Toward the end of 2020, Ronnie released her single “Spider” along with an eerie music video filmed and produced by Mad Gambit Media (Portand, OR). The song was her first release that was entirely self produced. 
And now . . .

Also in collaboration with Mad Gambit, Ronnie filmed a live performance of a brand new original song called “City of Persistence” for the She’s Speaking project in March of 2021. 
Currently, she is writing new material and working on instrumental focus-music intended to accompany tasks like reading, working, and studying.

Ronnie Carrier



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Brookings, OR


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Tualatin, OR


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Mission Theater, PDX

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Tualatin Winter Brew Fest

Tualatin, OR

Local Roots Fest & Compilation Release

Portland, OR

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NW Quartet Fest (Headliner)

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