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Introspective Instrumentals composed by Ronnie Carrier

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 Step Dreams

Step Dreams* straight from the astral plane to your ears. A sonic dreamscape. A gentle ride with the subtle momentum an oneironaut feels when exploring the dreamworld. Flush with deep breaths and sighs of relief, let this song sweep you up and carry you away into your own subconscious. The path to discovery is through the unknown. Enjoy the ride . . . before you wake up.

*name inspired by Clam sleeping on some steps at my house :)

Rainbow Snake Battle

The debut track from lo-fi introspective instrumentalist "short4veronica" is nothing short of a fun ride with a soundscape spanning from horn solos to ear-candy Easter eggs. Inspired by the way a house cat chases a string, "Rainbow Snake Battle" evolves from a sleepy, down-tempo intro into a funky hit. This versatile instrumental tune fits nearly any occasion, from study playlist to party playlist.

*name inspired by the never ending battle between Clementine and the Rainbow Snake

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