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Ronnie on The Root Note Podcast

Ronnie Carrier sits down with host and fellow musician Trent TBD Price on The Root Note to talk about music and life as an artist. They discuss musical influences ranging from Wilco to Worship songs, and what Ronnie's been up to behind the scenes during the pandemic. She performs some new, original music as well as a Ronettes Cover. Listen below:

Ronnie featured on She's Speaking!

CITY OF PERSISTENCE was written for the She's Speaking project in celebration of Women's History Month. The song is inspired by the words of women who came before us and created the world we live in today. It is meant to inspire this generation and generations to come to keep building this empire, so it works for everybody.

Ronnie Scores Mad Gambit Nature Shorts

Ronnie's collaborated with video/movie trailer editor Mad Gambit to score short but sweet nature videos that showcase their travels through the Pacific Northwest and beyond. Check out all their collaborations, including music videos and more beautiful nature footage.