Tiny Song Lyrics

The Tiny Songs were written by Ronnie Carrier

as a prompt to break writer's Block

Tiny Song 1


The way I get tongue tied on your name

My heart beats so hard, I’m sure that it might break

There is something I would say if I were brave

It’s that sometimes you take my breath away


So should I have a courageous day

Maybe then I’ll have the nerve and I’ll ask you to stay

But till then, since I don’t have the words to say

Well, I’ll just get on my horn and play.


Tiny Song 2

(Overthink it Over)


Sometimes the rest of me

Won’t keep up with the best of me

Because of all the messes I have made


So that I can correct myself

I step outside to collect myself

Only to find myself caught up in the rain


So I let another get away

Let another get away

Let another get away,

It’s always the same.


Things can get U-G-L-Y

And I ain’t got no alibi

Always getting in my own way


Don’t overthink it over.

Tiny Song 3

(The Stranger)


Last time

I took a good look at my reflection

I saw

A stranger


Who do we have here?

An imposter in my mirror

Well I never expected perfection

But she’s someone else I’m sure


I built

A mountain from a molehill

Just so I could take a closer look



There must be more graceful means

Of coming clean

So next time I’ll tighten up my sleeves


I spent so much time in a cloud

The light skews my vision now

But at least I found my way out

I thought

I was being clever

Miscalculated the weather

Lost count of the cloudy days

And everybody altogether sang

Rain, rain, just go away

Just go away, just go away


Rain, rain, just go away,

Just go away,

Just go away

Tiny Song 4

(I Just Wanna Love You - Trisha's Song)

I'm makin' a list

Checkin it twice

So many pros and cons to weigh

"Say what you mean"

Such sound advice

And there's only one thing I really wish to say:

I just wanna love you

Now I've seen my fair share of heartbreak

Which means, I've seen my fair share of love

If you open you hands to what a good love can make

You'll see, it fits just like a glove

That's why

I just wanna love you

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